Due to our dealings with all kinds of Caterpillar products in various fields, the company is working on the principle of quality service is the shortest way to success. The company arose attracting engineers and technicians distinct and an excellent degree of training and experience in the use of the latest detection of faults and the scientific approach to solve it by using the number and specialized tools ways and, above all, the company takes the time factor on it as the basis of good service in less time as possible to support customers both in the process of reform or maintenance or develop appropriate plans for field work.

Our Maintenance Projects

Spare Parts

The company supplies spare parts at competitive prices to what is in the market and as a result we dealt with a large number of major in the field of heavy equipment, generators for diesel and supply companies have become our good stock of spare parts present and that allowed us to compete in the domestic market and in the case of lack of spare parts required the company imported from the country of Origin (America) different periods of supply in accordance with the customer's choice of shipping method (fast shipping in three days or shipping Average of two to three weeks of work).